my name is katelyn and i’m the creator behind this blog. this blog started out mostly as a way to share my photographs and document these sweet days on this earth. i switched gears in 2015 and traded in my art teacher’s hat to staying at home with my baby. with a desperate need to do something other than changing diapers, cleaning, and feeding a human, i started blogging frequently. i could be creative, communicate with others, and write it all out when i needed to.

i’m so grateful for this space that i’ve put in so much time & energy into. my hope is that you enjoy it too.

who are you?

i’m a wife to jordan, my favorite person. i started to write a long, long paragraph about him, but really all i need to say is that he loves me so freaking well. he shares my humor & love for adventure, sticks up for me, knows when to tell me to slow down, and he always, always, stays calm when i’m stressed.

i’m a mama to ruby, my yellow flower of a daughter. she’s the best (worst) mix of her papa

and me, in the most hilarious way. we sometimes can’t keep up with her, she’s independent, goofy, confident, passionate, and incredibly daring. she’s so, so fun. like, i actually enjoy her company kind of fun. and she’s a toddler.

what personality type are you?

maybe i’m a little obsessed with personality tests (so says my husband) but, to give you a picture of who i am, these descriptions are pretty close. basically, i’m a little crazy.

i’m an ENFP (MBTI)

ENFPs are people-centered creators with a focus on possibilities and a contagious enthusiasm for new ideas, people and activities. Energetic, warm, and passionate, ENFPs love to help other people explore their creative potential.

ENFPs are typically agile and expressive communicators, using their wit, humor, and mastery of language to create engaging stories. Imaginative and original, ENFPs often have a strong artistic side. They are drawn to art because of its ability to express inventive ideas and create a deeper understanding of human experience. – description found here

i’m a 7 on the enneagram

We have named this personality type The Enthusiast because Sevens are enthusiastic about almost everything that catches their attention.

They approach life with curiosity, optimism, and a sense of adventure, like “kids in a candy store” who look at the world in wide-eyed, rapt anticipation of all the good things they are about to experience. They are bold and vivacious, pursuing what they want in life with a cheerful determination. They have a quality best described by the Yiddish word “chutzpah”—a kind of brash “nerviness.” – description found here

what to you blog about?

i post a variety things on this blog, from photographs from our daily lives, our travels, and motherhood.

i blog about other things too, like, a playlist every now and then, recipes, what i’m learning.

i’m a creative, remember, so organizations and putting things into neat topics and categories is challenging for me. if you look at my blog and think, this is an unorganized mess and i can clearly see what categories this woman needs and can clearly put everything where it belongs, please, help me out.

how can i follow along?

i’m currently working on providing a non-annoying newsletter. in the meantime, the best way to follow my blog, along with bookmarking it, is to follow me on social media. my blog posts are automatically shared on facebook, twitter, and googleplus. and I post blog updates on instagram along with other bits of our lives.

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